When It May Be Good to Charter a Bus Even for Short Trips

Posted on: 22 January 2016

Chartering a bus is a good idea when you're traveling with any group and a limousine won't be big enough to accommodate everyone. Many people think of chartering a bus when they're traveling a long distance or are looking to take a sightseeing tour with a group, but it can be a good choice even for short trips. If you've never thought about chartering a bus to a venue that's relatively nearby, you might note some surprising reasons to consider this option.
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How To Properly Declare The Value Of Your Goods

Posted on: 11 September 2015

The valuation of goods can be a tricky area for importers.  Here's how to accurately value your goods so that you don't fall foul of the customs brokers when importing goods for your business. How is valuation defined? A valuation is the determination of an accurate value of imported, declared goods.  This valuation is used by the importer to work out the taxes and duty they owe to the destination country's customs officials.
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Tips for Hiring a Limousine for a Wedding

Posted on: 8 September 2015

There are diverse types of vehicles to consider when selecting the right transportation for a wedding. The most popular choice is the limousine because it provides luxury that matches the elegance of the occasion. In addition, the automotive is spacious, so several individuals can fit into the conveyance comfortably. Here are the some simple tips to help you hire the best limousine for your event. Explore Different Styles The classic limousine style for weddings is the white stretch limo.
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Important Questions to Cover With a Potential Freight Transport Company

Posted on: 3 September 2015

Before hiring any freight transport company for your production or warehouse facility, you want to ensure they can do the job for which they're hired and deliver your goods safely and on time. While it may be their responsibility to work with your deadlines and requirements, it's also up to you to do your own due diligence in hiring a reputable company that has the trucks and transport you need. You also want to ensure there are no surprises in your bill later down the road.
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