Benefits of Party Bus Hire for Your Wedding Reception

Posted on: 19 June 2017

Party bus hire options may be on our mind when you are considering your honeymoon or the parties the night before the wedding, like a bucks party bus hire. One area of the wedding that is usually overlooked as a party bus hire option is the wedding reception. If you are looking for a way to ensure your guests, and your wedding party, are safe and taken care of after you have left the reception, then a party bus may be a good idea. Here are some of the benefits to using this option.

Arrival Times

Your reception has several key points, such as the cake cutting and first dance, that you want everyone close to you to attend. When you have people arriving through their own transportation options, making sure everyone is there for the memorable points of the reception can be difficult. If you use a party bus hire, you can ensure that your entire wedding party arrives together and at the same time. You can hire multiple party buses, of different size accommodations, so that everyone at the wedding who is planning on attending the reception arrives at the same time as well.

End of Reception Safety

During most receptions there is drinking of some kind. In fact, your wedding reception may feature an open bar for your guests. This means there will be increase in the chances of drunk driving or drinking related accidents. You can reduce the chance of these accidents from happening by offering a party bus hire. You can even have them revolve at certain times throughout the reception to take people back and forth as needed. This makes it easier for guests to come and go, travel safely back to their hotels, or to leave if something should arise and they did not take their own car.

Private Early Party

When you hire a party bus for your wedding reception, you can choose one larger party bus, specifically for you and your wedding party. This can turn the bus into an amazing pre-party celebration before the actual public reception. You can have a bar in the party bus, do toasts to your wedding party, give them their gifts, and get it all on film by either having a photographer present or by video recording the event. This gives you the chance for private, one-of-a-kind memories that you don't usually see captured with traditional options.

By keeping these benefits in mind, you can weigh your options for the reception transportation.