How To Choose A Heavy Haulage Company

Posted on: 11 September 2020

Heavy haulage companies are your best bet when you need to transport heavy and oversized loads such as homes, boats and turbines. Hiring a haulage company can be a nerve-wracking experience. Read this article for some tips on how to choose a heavy haulage services provider.

Reputation and Experience

The experiences of previous customers can significantly affect your confidence in the services that they provide. For instance, if a company has many customer complaints, you are likely to receive low-quality services. Check the company's website to know whether they have transported oversized loads in the past. It is a sure way to examine the company's experience in heavy haulage.

Services Provided

Visit the company's headquarters and inquire about the services that they provide. Preferably, opt for a company providing comprehensive services such as:

  • Dismantling and assembling your cargo at the point of origin and the destination.
  • Acquiring the licences required to transport the cargo.
  • Provision of escort vehicles throughout the journey.
  • Liaising with local police to help redirect traffic if the convoy will pass through urban areas.
  • Route surveying to identify suitable roads to transport your cargo. 

It would help if you inspected the trucks and pilot vehicles. Typically, they should be serviced and in excellent condition. The company should take adequate safety measures when transporting cargo. For instance, they should have a spare truck to transport the cargo if the original truck breaks down. Besides, they should have emergency personnel such as mechanics and medics to deal with emergencies.

Terms and Conditions

Check the following when examining the company's terms and conditions.

  • The company should insure the load. It ensures compensation in case of an accident during transport.
  • The contract of engagement should penalise the company if they are unable to transport the oversized load on time.
  • Check the terms of contract termination and dispute resolution. Both parties should have a fair hearing in case of a dispute.
  • Check the customer's obligations. For instance, the company could ask you to secure parking for the trucks.


Most companies will not give an accurate quote during the first consultation. Instead, they will need a few days to examine the load, choose appropriate routes and evaluate government legislation to know how much they will charge to transport the shipment. Ask the company to break down the charges. Additionally, compare companies with each other to ensure you get discounts.

When hiring a heavy haulage company, check their reputation, experience, services, pricing, terms and conditions.