Top Traits to Look for When Using a Refrigerated Transport Service

Posted on: 26 July 2021

If your company sells certain types of medication, food products, or other perishable products, then you might be looking for a refrigerated transport service that can help you with shipping your products to where they need to go. Not only should you look for a refrigerated transport service, but you should look for a service that is well-suited for the job. For example, you'll probably want to find a refrigerated transport service that has all of the following traits.

Adjusting and Monitoring Temperatures

Of course, the whole reason why you are probably planning on using a refrigerated transport service in the first place is that you want to be sure that your products are kept at a safe temperature. Some products have to be kept at different temperatures than others when using a refrigerated transport service, so you'll need to let someone from the transport service know about the preferred temperature for your products. Then, you can be sure that the service can accommodate this temperature for you.

Next, you'll want to make sure that the driver will be monitoring the temperature. Nowadays, many modern trucking companies that offer refrigerated transport services use sophisticated technology to help them monitor temperatures. For example, your driver might be able to monitor temperatures on a screen in their truck cab, and an alarm might sound if the temperature goes up above a certain level. Ideally, you will want to use a refrigerated transport service that will do a proper job of monitoring temperatures so you can ensure product quality and safety.

Focusing on Cleanliness and Sanitation

If your company makes and sells either pharmaceutical products or food and beverage products, then you probably understand the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. Because of this, you and your employees might work hard to keep your facility as clean as possible. It's important to think about cleanliness and sanitation when you're using a refrigerated transport service, too, so you should definitely look for a company that makes cleanliness and sanitation a top priority.

Having Trucks That Are Large Enough

Many refrigerated trucks are on the smaller side. This might not be a problem if you only need to ship out smaller loads of refrigerated products. However, if your company is going to be sending out a larger shipment, you might want to specifically look for a refrigerated transport service that has trailers that are large enough to accommodate your load of products. Then, you can get more products to their destination in a shorter period of time, and you will probably also save money on refrigerated transport. Ask about the sizes of the trucks and refrigerated trailers that the company uses and the size of loads that they can accommodate.