• Taxi Transportation: Benefits from the Airport and Beyond

    From construction sites to unpredictable traffic, driving yourself around in an unfamiliar city can be horrendous. Not only does this increase the chances of being late to everywhere you need to be, but you could also end up missing your flight back home! So while renting a car may seem like a viable option when you are staying in one location for a substantial amount of time, you may find that electing to travel via taxi, particularly when travelling to and from the airport, is much more convenient.
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  • 3 Charges You Should Discuss With Transporters

    Do you import heavy machinery frequently and have to hire trucks to bring it to your facility? Read on and discover some of the extra charges which you should discuss with the transporter so that you can reduce your heavy transport container costs. Flip Fees You may be paying flip fees without knowing it. Heavy container flip fees refer to the charges which are incurred when lifting equipment is used to remove a container from a ship or cargo train and place that container on the ground before lifting it again to place it on a chassis (truck) which will transport that container to its destination.
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  • Important Services Offered By Corporate Car Hire

    When you need a vehicle for your business, flexibility is always a top concern. You may need to get your workers to various locations as soon as possible, or have products delivered to customers within a specific timeframe. You may also be hosting guests for a conference or other event and need a vehicle to take them around town. Regardless of the specific purpose, corporate care hire provides critical services that can help improve the efficiency of your business operations.
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