Transporting Perishable Products? Here's How To Choose The Right Refrigerated Transport Service

Posted on: 6 April 2022

If you are in the business of transporting perishable products, the importance of refrigeration can't be overlooked. Such products can deteriorate in quality faster if not refrigerated properly. For this reason, ensuring that you've picked the ideal refrigerated transport company is imperative. But finding the ideal service provider can be daunting. 

When selecting the perfect refrigerated transport service provider, you'll need to consider several factors to ensure your goods arrive at their destination as required. They include: 

Pre-Cooling Service

When you want to extend the shelf life of perishable goods, you might require pre-cooling services. That's especially true if you're transporting these products over longer distances. Pre-cooling is crucial to ensure goods maintain their quality during packaging and loading. These two processes will likely expose your products to high temperatures that affect their quality. 

Therefore, before selecting your preferred refrigerated transport provider, inquire whether they provide pre-cooling services to reduce losses during packaging and loading. 

Packaging Service 

When determining the ideal refrigerated transport service, determine whether they offer stellar packaging services. You want your perishable products to be packaged well, especially for long-distance transportation. Failure to package your products properly can potentially cause costly damages. 

Additionally, consider the mode of shipment used by the company. Assess their truck's size and confirm whether they have enough space to fit your goods without being squeezed. When looking into packaging services, determine which products require special packaging to withstand moisture and cold conditions. Thus, ask the refrigerated transport provider whether they provide specialised packaging and the cost. 

Products That Can Be Shipped Together

Understanding the kind of products the company can ship together is paramount. Various transportation codes and regulations stipulate various product shipment methods. For instance, you might not be allowed to ship dairy products in the same container as seafood. 

Likewise, you might only be required to transport pharmaceutical products alone. Therefore, work with a refrigerated transport provider with a wealth of experience shipping different products. 

Transportation Schedules 

Finally, you also want to know the number of stops the refrigerated transport provider makes per trip. Never assume that every courier provider makes non-stop trips when delivering products. Generally, most trucks will often make stopovers to offload goods to clients along the way. 

Therefore, when transporting perishable products with shorter shelf lives, work with a direct shipment company. Besides, the refrigerated transport provider must exercise due diligence to alleviate cases where products delay along the way before reaching their final delivery point.