Top Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus For Your Wedding

Posted on: 12 August 2016

If you are currently planning your wedding, you might be thinking about the different transportation options. One option is to hire a charter bus that takes your wedding guests from where they park their car to the actual event. This is often needed when your wedding is in a remote location or simply for convenience purposes. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a bus for your wedding.

There Are No Parking Issues

A big problem with weddings, especially weddings with a lot of guests, is that the parking lot is not big enough for everyone. Depending on the location of your wedding, there might be very limited parking, which needs to be used by the wedding planner, caterers, and others who are helping to set up for the wedding and reception before it even begins. By the time guests arrive, a good number of spots are already taken. When you use a charter bus, you can have guests park at a public or free parking lot away from the venue, then have the bus bring them over to the wedding location without dealing with parking problems.

Buses Carry a Lot of People at Once

You also don't need to worry about having guests wait for a long time for a small van to pick them up from the parking lot and bring them to the venue. Large charter buses can carry a large number of guests, so fewer people are waiting. This is great news when a lot of people end up arriving at the parking lot location all at once, which does happen quite often. It is more of a convenience for your guests, and allows them to be dropped off right in front of the church or other wedding venue.

Nobody Arrives Late

Due to parking and other issues, there is always the risk of people arriving late. However, with bus chartering, you have a better chance of keeping to your schedule. As long as people are at the designated pick-up location, the bus can bring large groups over to the venue and get them there with plenty of time to spare. There is no confusion about where to park or where they need to go since the bus is doing all the work for them.

Out-of-Town Guests Don't Get Lost

Another issue with having guests arrive on their own is that they might get lost. With a charter bus, you can even have the bus pick them up from the airport or their hotel in case they are not familiar with the city at all. The bus brings them directly to the venue without them worrying about navigation.