How to Hire a Party Bus for Under-18s

Posted on: 9 October 2017

Whether it's a sweet 16 or another special event for your teen, hiring a party bus makes them feel glamorous and extra special. While you may associate hiring a party bus with alcohol-fuelled events, there are many ways you can utilise one for your teen's special occasion.

Make the attendee's needs clear to the driver

When you hire a party bus, tell the company that those in attendance are too young to drink alcohol. This applies even if there are people attending who are able to drink legally. After doing this, agree with your teenager what they would like to drink. Some hire companies even provide mocktails and alcohol-free champagne, giving the event a grownup edge.

Start crafting an itinerary 

If this is a case of transporting your teens from A to B, all you need to do is agree on pickup and dropoff times. However, party bus hire can also come in useful for:

  • Tours of nearby sites
  • Shopping trips
  • Heading to proms and other special events

When this is the case, you'll find your transport needs to make several shops. Part of this process involves figuring out whether all of the stops you want are feasible. For example, if you agree on a four-hour hire period for a shopping trip, there are only so many shops your teens can head to.

If you find that you have more stops than your hire time can accommodate, don't worry. It's usually possible to extend the hire period, allowing those on the bus to get to where they want to go without feeling rushed.

Prepare those surprise bespoke details

Preparing bespoke surprise details is especially important when you're trying to wow the birthday boy or girl. You might want to start asking their friends what their favourite songs are, or whether there's a video game they love. That way, the hire company will know to incorporate them into the transport. Other ways to customise the experience so they're delighted when they step on board include:

  • Pictures of the attendees and their friends for decorating the bus with
  • Stocking the bus with their favourite snacks
  • Hiring a host or hostess so they feel truly pampered

Whether you're hiring as a parent or someone else, the details you provide bring the bus hire experience to life. With a little planning and a lot of attention to detail, your hire company will work with you to create a journey they'll never forget.