Aerial Photography Tours: 2 Things to Consider

Posted on: 18 August 2017

If you are a photographer, there is no better experience than an aerial tour so you can get some shots from up high of famous landmarks or beautiful countryside. However, there are a couple of things you should consider before embarking you on your aerial tour.

The Type of Aircraft

When booking your aerial tour, you will need to decide on the type of aircraft you wish to fly in. You will typically have the choice of using a light plane or a helicopter. Below is a guide to these two types of aircraft.

Light Plane

The benefit of hiring a light aircraft is that it is generally cheaper than renting a helicopter. However, depending on the type of aircraft you hire, you may have to shoot through the perspex glass window. This can present problems with reflections and out of focus images. If possible, you should request an aircraft which has a window or door which can be opened so you can have an unrestricted view out of the plane. Another drawback of hiring a light plane is that it must always remain in motion which means you will only have a limited time to get your perfect shot.


The benefit of hiring a helicopter is that it can remain stationary once in the air. This can allow you to find and hold the perfect position from which to take your photographs. The majority of helicopters used by scenic aerial tour companies like Professional Helicopter Services Pty Ltd have been specially adapted, so they no longer have doors. Once you are securely attached to the inside of the chopper using a harness, you will be able to get an unrestricted view of the scene below so you can get the best possible shots. However, due to higher operating cost, hiring a helicopter will typically be more expensive than hiring a light aircraft.


The difference between a successful and unsuccessful aerial photographic experience often comes down to the quality of the communication between the photographer and the pilot. If you do not communicate with the pilot, they will not be able to manoeuvre the aircraft into a position where you can get the shots you want to get. Before take-off, you should consult with the pilot and explain the locations you wish to visit and the type of shots you want to get. You should make sure that you are fitted with a headset so you can communicate with the pilot during the trip as well.