Four Signs You Should Hire a Transport Company Rather Than Tow Your Own Vehicle

Posted on: 17 May 2016

If you need to get your car to the other side of the country, you could haul it yourself or pay a transport company to take it for you. Wondering which option is better? It depends on several factors. Here are four signs you should outsource the task to a transport company:

1. The cost of hauling your own car exceeds the cost of hiring a transport company.

If you tow your own car, there are a number of costs you have to take into consideration. The extra weight reduces your fuel efficiency, so you have to factor in the cost of extra petrol in the lead car. You also may have to buying towing equipment like towing ropes or light kits.

Add up the projected costs of towing your own car, and compare that against the costs associated with hiring a transport company. If your costs are higher, that's a sign you should hire a transporter.

2. You don't have time to haul your own car.

In addition to thinking about money, consider time. If you are moving cross country and driving there anyway, it doesn't add any extra time to your schedule if you tow an additional car behind you. In contrast, if you are giving your old car to a friend on the other side of the country, you may not want to waste the time towing a vehicle there.

3. You want to minimise wear and tear on your vehicle.

When a transporter moves your car for you, the car sits comfortably on a trailer for the whole journey. You can even book your car into a fully enclosed storage container to protect it from the elements, in some cases. This minimises wear and tear on the vehicle.

In contrast, if you haul your own car, the wheels are on the road the whole journey, spinning and wearing down.

4. You are inexperienced at towing.

Towing can be complicated. If you make a mistake hooking up your vehicle, you could damage either of the vehicles involved or the towed car could become detached and cause an accident.

While driving, other risks can occur. In particular, the wind can cause the towed car to sway and make control more difficult. In some cases, visibility can be compromised, and it can be hard to navigate tight corners and car parks if you are an inexperienced tower.

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