When It May Be Good to Charter a Bus Even for Short Trips

Posted on: 22 January 2016

Chartering a bus is a good idea when you're traveling with any group and a limousine won't be big enough to accommodate everyone. Many people think of chartering a bus when they're traveling a long distance or are looking to take a sightseeing tour with a group, but it can be a good choice even for short trips. If you've never thought about chartering a bus to a venue that's relatively nearby, you might note some surprising reasons to consider this option.

1. When your group will be in a larger crowd

If your group is traveling to a sporting event or a seminar that will have hundreds or thousands of other attendees, a chartered bus will allow you to take a headcount before you leave, so you know that everyone has gotten on the bus. This can be especially good for business seminars, as some who are supposed to attend may stay home, assuming that you won't notice they're missing in such a large crowd. Having a chartered bus will ensure that everyone is attending as required.

2. If there will be drinking

At a seminar, sporting event, or other such occasion, your attendees may help themselves to the bar or a few drinks. This can be very dangerous for them to then be behind the wheel of a car, even for a short trip home. If you're the one sponsoring the event or if you've required them to attend for business purposes, you may even be liable if they were to get into an accident. This could then expose your company to lawsuits. To ensure everyone's safety, charter a bus so that no one needs to drive home.

3. If you're departing very late at night

As with drinking, being fatigued can put you at risk when you're driving. If you're attending a seminar, sporting event, or anything else that gets out late at night, it's a good idea to charter a bus with a driver. No one will risk drifting off behind the wheel and causing an accident. This too can protect your company from legal liabilities due to accidents, if you were sponsoring the event or requiring persons to attend.

4. If your group includes senior citizens

Not all senior citizens have a problem with driving, but many do and especially at night. If your church group, business seminar, or any other such group will include senior citizens, it's good to charter a bus so you don't need to worry about their safety behind the wheel. You also don't need to then put them on the spot by suggesting they ride with someone else; if everyone is on the bus, no one will be embarrassed at the suggestion that they're not safe when driving.